About us

John Khut started exploring cosmetology in 2003 after being encouraged to enroll in Lucke's Beauty Academy by a family friend. Working smaller jobs and not having a clear direction for his career path gave him the motivation of having nothing to lose. After graduating in 2004, he began doing nails and eventually made his way to the Hair Cuttery in 2005. After seeing the intricacies of cosmetology, he grew more of an appreciation and respect for the skill that simply paid the bills. His day job became a passion. Cosmetology was a way of both doing the art of hair cutting and styling as well as interacting with clients and establishing meaningful bonds.

Since that passion for cosmetology arose, he had secretly wanted to open his own shop. The main concerns were simply finding a time and place to put it into reality. In September 2018, after many years of refining his craft, John Khut finally has a salon to call his own.

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